Olive Bucket Candle

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Reminiscent of a vintage bucket, this new candle is a welcome addition to our very popular candle collection. The scent throw is amazing. Blended with the highest quality oils, you'll love the fragrances as much as we do! The aroma from just one candle will permeate throughout your home!

The design of the olive bucket allows the candlelight to shine through for a beautiful effect. Approximate burn time is 60 hours. The glass insert is also refillable.

Apothecary: Blended compounds of bitter orange, rose, cedar & hay
Barn Door: The aged perfection of weathered wood
Botanical: An herbal elixir with an intoxicating fragrance
Citrus Grove: Peak season among the citrus orchard
100% Cotton: A mid-summer's cotton field
Creamery: The freshness or rich milk and cream
Florist: Fresh cut fragrance of our favorite shop
Pound Cake: The rich sweet fragrance of a southern tradition
Rolled Oats & Molasses: Freshly scooped sweet feed for morning chores
Sassafras: The distinctive fragrance of an aromatic root tea
Spring Water: The purest and freshest spring water infused with herbs
Summer Pastures: Captured fragrance of a verdant grassland
Sweet Olive: A delicious blend of a billowing summer garden
Sweet Tea: Light and refreshing fragrance of freshly brewed herbal tea
Wild Currant and Thyme Tonic: Botanical infusion with fragrant restorative properties