Autumn Bounty Bundle

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This autumn bounty bundle is a stunning display of the rich and vibrant colors of fall. Featuring a combination of pumpkins, pine cones, berries, and foliage, it is a beautiful representation of the season's harvest. The warm hues of orange, red, and brown are perfectly balanced by the cooler tones of green and purple, creating a well-rounded and harmonious arrangement.

Measuring 20 inches long, this bundle is the perfect size to adorn a mantle, decorate a table, or add a touch of fall to any room in your home. The pumpkins, pine cones, berries, and foliage are arranged in a natural and organic way, giving the impression of a freshly picked harvest.

The pumpkins are the focal point of the bundle, with their vibrant orange color and varying sizes adding depth and dimension to the arrangement. The pine cones and berries add texture and visual interest, while the foliage provides a natural and earthy element.

Whether you're looking to decorate for the season, or simply want to add a touch of fall to your home, this autumn bounty bundle is sure to impress with its stunning colors and natural beauty.