Fleur De Lis Style Iron Handles Set 2

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Add some rustic design to your fixtures, doors, or next DIY project with these heavy and durable cast iron handles replicated from barn door gate handles. Fleur de lis add modern elegance to basic elements.

So if you’re looking to redo your doors on a budget then by simply painting and adding cast iron fleur de lis handles you’ll be looking at a whole new door without spending an arm and a leg. Or if you’re looking to refurbish a dresser or armoire then simply replace the hardware of handles with this set of fleur de lis and suddenly you’re staring at a new piece of furniture (without the price tag!).

Bring the stable inside (without the stink or mess!).

*Comes in a set of 2, not sold individually
Measures 11.75" x 3.25" x 2"