Tall Bell Jar Cloche

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This tall bell jar cloche is made of a very sturdy and thick hand blown glass. What makes this bell jar cloche unique is that imperfections and tiny bubbles may be present and vary between each individual piece – this is a particular characteristic of this type of hand blown glass and adds character to each piece.

This bell jar cloche has a smooth flat bottom rim for resting evenly on a surface and atop the bell jar is a large round glass knob designed to make for easy lifting.

This tall bell jar cloche would be perfect for protecting your outdoor plants or forcing them to sprout and grow faster as it serves as a personalized and portable terrarium. This bell cloche has additional uses as well – it can be used as a pastry or cheese dome, as part of a floral arrangement display, or used as part of your home décor.

Glass Cloche measures 15" x 9"